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Download our datasheets to find out more about the features and benefits available within our suite of products and services, all of which are provided complete with business continuity.

Interactive practice management software

Interactive is an award-winning, cloud-hosted system for your law firm to progress matters, manage documents, control finances, monitor performance and help ensure compliance. Our extensive legal industry heritage means your platform's build on 40+ years' experience.

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Document management software

The latest version of our cloud-based Document Management Software contains a selection of key additions and enhancements to streamline the process of generating, saving and locating case-related documentation.

With other long-standing features such as version control, wizard guidance and ISO 27001-accredited security controls, our Document Management Software is more intuitive, clear, easy to use and safer than ever before, thereby assisting firms with matter management, customer relationship management and regulatory compliance.

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Pinpoint cashier outsourcing service

Outsourced legal accounts service for busy law firms.

By outsourcing to the legal cashiering and SRA Accounts Rules experts who are always in and never sick, save the hassle of employing your own cashier and have the time you need to develop your business.

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Quill Payroll outsourcing service

Quill Payroll is a flexible, complete, HMRC-compliant payroll outsourcing solution for legal practices and professional companies.

We work closely alongside you and your team, and provide an assigned payroll co-ordinator who will accurately manage your firm’s payroll and pension requirements, covering everything from Bacs and PAYE payments to payslip and report production.

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Anti-money laundering system

Setting up robust anti-money laundering defences can be resource intensive.  Not with Quill Pinpoint.  Use our anti-money laundering (AML) system because it's electronic, integrated, easy to use and comprehensive.

A whole host of benefits apply, including enhanced compliance and lower operational costs.  With our AML system, you can place greater emphasis on prevention and early detection using transparent measures.

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Outsourced bookkeeping for pharmacies

By outsourcing your entire bookkeeping function to Quill, you’ll experience a wide assortment of benefits, ranging from time and money savings to compliance and security enhancements, plus everything in between.

Our datasheet describes the 10 main business benefits of outsourced bookkeeping for pharmacies.

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