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Business continuity

There are a multitude of issues that you need to consider when assessing risk for your practice. Developing business continuity and security plans like ours are just part of the process.

Firstly, identify the threats and implement processes to minimise their potential disruption. Starting at the basic physical security layer, consider precautionary measures like fire prevention, intrusion protection, electrical supply continuity to network and computer security, resilience and backup.

However, the risks to your business don’t end there. Operational disasters are another possibility and can be just as damaging, but to your credibility and reputation. For example, SRA breaches and failure to meet SRA Accounts Rules compliance can result in expensive fines, penalties and bad publicity.

So, how can your organisation become optimally equipped to manage risk and maintain efficient, compliant operations in the event of unexpected disaster? Generating a coherent business continuity plan, documenting set procedures to deliver continuity of critical functions during disruptive incidents and getting your people engaged in supporting it is certainly no walk in the park!

But what if you could outsource some (or all) of your IT and back office functions to an organisation that has sound emergency planning processes already in place? For example, with Quill, our ready-made business continuity and security plans provide a sound basis upon which to base your emergency response, resumption, and recovery planning efforts.

Our range of products and services can help you to achieve your business continuity goals. We have invested a large amount of resources into ensuring business continuity in our systems and services, which you automatically inherit simply by becoming our client.

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