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Just look at the depth of integration with the MS Office suite to make document management even easier. Spend your working day using Outlook, Word and Excel while at the same time integrating fully with Interactive on the go. Look no further!

  • Outlook: New Quill email
    Outlook: New Quill email

    Open a new email, select the case, automatically populate recipients from drop-down contact lists, time record and send.

  • Outlook: Attach from Quill
    Outlook: Attach from Quill

    Instantly attach documents from your Interactive Cloud library with the option to convert to secure PDF format before sending.

  • Outlook: Save to case
    Outlook: Save to case

    Email(s) are assigned to the designated case with the facility to add notes and record time. Subsequent emails in the thread will be auto-added and time recorded to Interactive.

  • Word: Open & create template
    Word: Open & create template

    Open existing templates previously saved to your Interactive Cloud library or simply open a blank Word document and start from scratch.

  • Word: Add merge fields
    Word: Add merge fields

    Click on this icon to activate your itags list - that's data stored in your Interactive Cloud database. Use tables other formatting to position merge fields perfectly in your template.

  • Word: Save template
    Word: Save template

    Save your newly created or updated template to your Interactive Cloud library and make available practice wide, adding notes and labels for easy identification in the process.

  • Word: Save template as
    Word: Save template as

    For new templates, modify an existing template already formatted in your house style. Simply edit, add any new merge fields and save under a new title with accompanying notes and labels.

  • Word: Action merge fields
    Word: Action merge fields

    Effortlessly produce letters or forms from your templates.

  • Word: Save to case
    Word: Save to case

    To save documents to case, click this icon, fill in the pop-up window to identify the case, document type and supporting time record with the option to email as well.

  • Word: Download from Quill
    Word: Download from Quill

    Click this icon to review or edit a draft document from Interactive Cloud. When saving the edited document to case, your changes will be tracked for version control benefits.

  • Word: Recent documents
    Word: Recent documents

    This nifty feature displays all of your recent files in a side panel in Word. Simply click on the button, view and open documents which you've worked on including spreadsheets, PDFs and images.

  • Excel: Save to case
    Excel: Save to case

    Excel spreadsheets and workbooks can be saved straight to case by clicking this icon from the top toolbar. Enter relevant document details as a way of labelling files to find quicker in the future.

  • Excel: Download from Quill
    Excel: Download from Quill

    This Excel icon allows you to edit draft documents stored in Interactive. Subsequently, save the updated file back to case and document versioning will be automatically applied.

  • Settings

    Activate settings such as auto-saving after merging Word documents, allocating work types, and auto-creating time recording units for incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook.

  • Login

    By logging in with your username and password, you're authorised to access your data and documents stored within Interactive Cloud straight from Outlook and Word.

A 'lite' version of Interactive Documents is available as part of your Interactive Cloud licence for a whole host of productivity benefits. You can choose to purchase our optional 'add-ins' for stronger integration to Word, Outlook and Excel thereby allowing you to use your familiar Microsoft applications with automatic links to your database and matter files. We invest heavily in software development to bring you the features needed to manage the written word.