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Managing a practice has always been a challenging task. Now, more than ever, your role as a Partner is diverse and regulators are vigilant.

Your responsibilities cover everything from how to run your practice in the most efficient manner by utilising the best mix of software and outsourced service support, to keeping operations regulator-proof with effective risk management solutions.

You could be the assigned COLP or COFA and, on top of this, you may still have day-to-day fee earning activity. Earning fees should always take precedence over other matters because it’s what keeps your business afloat, however, to run your business properly, you need full management accounts information at your fingertips thereby abating niggling worries about compliance.

With so many demands on your time, we're here to make your job easier with...

Interactive allows Partner-only privileged access to detailed financial reports on your practice's performance. With our Pinpoint legal cashiering service, these reports are generated by your cashier and submitted directly for your urgent attention.