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Pinpoint is a specialised outsourced legal cashiering service for total handover of your accounting functions to our dedicated team of experienced cashiers.

At the busy, eventful time of starting up, it quickly becomes evident that there are a limited number of hours each day and a limited number of hats you can wear at once. Therefore, Pinpoint is the ideal solution for you to save time, money, and stress by allowing our cashiers to manage your accounts on your behalf, with absolute confidence.

You simply enter your daily posting slips on the Interactive hosted legal accounting software from any location and your named cashier will compile and maintain your accounts, generate reports and prepare all statutory documentation to ensure regular accounts, audit and VAT procedures are performed to deadline in line with regulatory body obligations.

With legal process outsourcing of your accounts, you can focus on your primary objective of earning fees.

The key features and benefits of Pinpoint are:-