Corrine Blake

HR and Office Manager, Leadership Team, Quill

As HR and Office Manager, Corrine is the first point of contact for all HR and office queries. Her responsibilities are to ensure that our company’s up to date and compliant with all the latest HR and H&S-related legislation. Corrine provides advice to staff and senior leaders throughout our regional offices so that best practice is adhered to on a company-wide basis. She also manages and oversees the recruitment for all vacant positions within Quill.

Corrine contributes to both the HR and overall corporate strategy and helps drive the business forward in order to improve overall performance, staff satisfaction, employee retention as well as results in external accreditations such as Best Companies.

In light of the pandemic, Corrine’s job role has expanded to also focus on all manner of vital health and safety assessments. Not only has Corrine introduced safe working practices across our physical and home offices to help keep us safe, but she is also a mental health first aider dedicated to supporting employee wellbeing.

As our company’s committed to training and developing each and every one of our valued employees, it’s part of Corrine’s role to ensure that managers have the necessary skills and resources to provide continual professional development opportunities and ongoing progress reviews to their teams. Corrine actively continues to promote our ethos of “you look after Quill and Quill looks after you” amongst employees.

A few years ago, Corrine relocated from London to Manchester and still enjoys exploring the North! Corrine does try to get back down to London on a regular basis, or enjoys entertaining and showing Southern friends and family around the North when they reciprocate visits.

Get in touch with Corrine by email or phone 0161 236 2910.