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Q&A on legal aid with Steve Keeling and David Gilmore at DG Legal

Legal aid is always changing. Keeping up with these changes is no small challenge. That’s why we quizzed legal aid gurus DG Legal's Steve Keeling and David Gilmore, so that law firms can understand what’s changed these past months in order to fully comply with their Legal Aid Agency obligations.

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Interview with Andrew Guile, Partner at GN Law

Andrew Guile is a specialist in legal aid, family, wills and probate, police actions and mental health law. Read on for how he has grown his practice, GN Law, from ten to fifty employees in the space of fifteen years with the help of technology.

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Blackfords reduces court bundle production from two days to 20 minutes

Advice from Trevor Francis, Managing Partner at Blackfords LLP, on how software helps reduce court bundle production from 2 days to 20 minutes.

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Interview with Johdi Hutchins, Partner and Practice Manager at Galloway Hughes

In her role as Practice Manager, Partner and Accounts Manager for Galloway Hughes, comprising of 23 members of staff (including the 4 partners and 3 consultants) and 2 offices, Johdi Hutchins has full appreciation of the financial and compliance-related demands on law firms, and how technology can help. Read her advice.

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Calling smart law firms: the tech you DO need, and the one thing you DON’T

What technology does your law firm actually need - and don't need? With hundreds of options out there, each as valuable as the last, identifying what technology your law firm actually needs can be difficult. Read our helpful guide to find out the best options available.

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“Virtual” legal cashiering saves Nicholls Christie & Crocker from hiring in midst of pandemic stress

In our latest case study, discover how Julian Stern at Nicholls Christie & Crocker turned to Quill's outsourced legal cashiering service when his in-house cashier left the business. Lockdown recruitment challenges - sorted!

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Quill named one of the UK’s 2021 Best Mid-Sized Technology Companies to Work For in the North West

Our employees have spoken! Quill was recently awarded ‘The UK's 100 Best Mid-Sized Companies to Work for’, ‘The North West's 100 Best Companies to Work for’ and ‘Technology's 50 Best Companies to Work for’ by Best Companies for the first time in 2021.

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New website launch to better serve the legal industry

We've launched our new website showcasing information about our legal accounts, practice, case and document management software, and outsourced legal services as well as providing helpful guides, tutorials and blog filled with legal industry news and insights.

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What is legal cashiering, why do law firms hire cashiers, and should it be your next career move?

Here's a helpful guide on what is legal cashiering, the skills you need, what to consider before choosing in-house or a cashiering bureau, and how Quill's legal cashiering service works. We're now hiring in Manchester and Liverpool!

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Introducing ‘Quill uncovers’ webinar series: The secrets every smart law firm knows, and how you can be even smarter

We're launching a new four-part webinar series, 'Quill uncovers,' where we'll be sharing the secrets every smart law firm knows, and how you can be even smarter with technology. The first of the series will be on 26th May and feature legal aid specialists GN Law. We hope you can join us.

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2021 legal forms news: Conveyancing forms TA6 & TR1’s roadmap to digitisation

The TA6 part 1 and TR1 Law Society legal forms are going digital this year, with electronic submissions and digital signatures. Archie Courage at FormEvo explains what to expect and why in 2021 with regards to these two key conveyancing forms, and how to access them via the Quill Forms service.

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Brexit VAT changes | A guide for law firms & small businesses

We liaised with accounting and legal VAT experts to help clarify some FAQs around what Brexit means for UK VAT-registered businesses selling services to overseas customers.

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