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Case Studies

Sefton Park Medical Centre returns to Quill for reliable payroll support

Simon Turton, Practice Manager at Sefton Park Medical Centre, “undertook a business refresh exercise as a means of becoming more efficient” which included cancelling Quill's outsourced payroll support. Whilst the majority of decisions made led to business improvements, the practice quickly regretted leaving Quill and returned with a month. Read Simon's story.

Fahri Jacob buoyed by friendly support from Quill

Edward Jacob at Fahri Jacob Solicitors describes why he chose Quill for its cooperative, friendly attitude and high-performance application over 20 years ago. Decades later, he comments: "It's deeply reassuring to know that we have a friend by our side. That friend is Quill".

Ai Law chooses cashiering-on-any-software support from Quill

When Ai Law first started, there was a busy workload and few people to share the myriad duties. Tom Ellis, Partner at Ai Law, explains how "[following] expansion, cashiering became crippling. I recognised that bookkeeping had become a full time job so I looked around in order to relieve the pressure... our accountant led us to Quill and we’ve been using its outsourcing service ever since. By introducing us to Quill, our accountant has proved his worth tenfold.”

Fairweather Law rolls out superior combined Quill-Redbrick package

Fairweather Law uses a combined Quill-Redbrick software solution for legal accounting and case management respectively. Jack Fairweather, Director at Fairweather Law, explains: “The first stage was installing Redbrick to manage our matters and documents with workflow assistance. The second stage was legal accounts software. There were multiple reasons for choosing Interactive from Quill.”

Waller Pollins Goldstein applauds Quill's can-do attitude and feature-rich software

When its 3-year software contract with a previous supplier came to an end and its pricing was increased without negotiation, Middlesex-based Waller Pollins Goldstein was forced to find an immediate replacement. Elliott Hambling explains: "I can’t compliment Quill highly enough for how they came to our aid at a time when we were at our most vulnerable".

Luqmani Thompson gains award-winning status with backup from Quill

Legal awards are a recognised marker of excellence. Gaining award-winning status, though, doesn’t come easy. It’s good to know, then, that factors such as software and outsourced service support can play a major role in contributing to awards success. Read how Sally Thompson at Luqmani Thompson & Partners won the ‘practice management’ category in the Legal Aid Lawyer Awards 2019 thanks to Quill's backup.