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Cloud working

Business continuity is a subject high up on the agenda of any forward-thinking law firm. Along with the unpredictability of extreme weather, there are regular staff holiday commitments, unplanned absences and IT failures, all of which can cause severe disruption to business. Other factors can play a part too, such as force majeure which, although extraordinary and unlikely, we have experienced in recent years with the Icelandic volcano ash cloud.

Hedges Law, a two-site practice based in Oxford and Wallingford, recognise the importance of uninterrupted service provision in caring for their clients. Nicola Poole, Managing Director, explains why they decided to move their IT into the cloud for emergency planning purposes:

“As the owner of Hedges Law, I have a vested interest in the business and want to do all that I can to ensure its success and protection. By changing from an in-house to hosted set up, matters and emails can be accessed around the clock from anywhere, so our data is secure and we’re 100% responsive to our clients’ needs regardless of our physical location or external circumstances.

We’ve been a loyal Quill customer for over 10 years and upgraded to hosted around 12 months ago. The switch happened over the course of a weekend, so on the Friday we were internally reliant, but by Monday the hassle and responsibility for IT management had been handed over to Quill.”

Expanding upon the benefits delivered by the Interactive hosted legal accounting and case management system, Nicola adds:

“At any given time and from any place, whether in the UK or abroad, I can grab my smartphone or open my laptop, log on to Interactive and get an instant snapshot of my business. My central dashboard has been personalised to provide a summary of our performance at a glance. This is particularly useful at month end when I can keep up to date with all the financials, even if I’m on holiday at the time.

Our staff are well versed in the remote working advantages given by the cloud and regularly work from home. When we were hit by thick snow over the past few weeks, I simply sent an email reminding them of the home-working capabilities so that they could avoid taking unnecessary risks travelling to the office.

Another major benefit of Interactive is the ability to tailor reports. You can be creative with the figures which you analyse and compare, for truly bespoke reporting of the statistics most prevalent to you.

It helps me to sleep at night knowing how my business is doing. With Quill I’m assured that our data is well looked after, thereby allowing us to give the highest level of service and care to our clients throughout what may be a difficult period in their life.”

Download a PDF of the Hedges Law case study.

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