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Waller Pollins Goldstein applauds Quill's can-do attitude and feature-rich software

Waller Pollins Goldstein applauds Quill's can-do attitude and feature-rich software

When its 3-year software contract with a previous supplier came to an end and its pricing was increased without negotiation, Middlesex-based Waller Pollins Goldstein was forced to find an immediate replacement.

Elliott Hambling, Practice Manager at Waller Pollins Goldstein, turned to Quill for urgent help. Elliott explains: “We were backed into a corner with regards to timing and decision making. Having been let down so badly and so suddenly, our lead time to change suppliers was very tight. You can imagine our delight to learn that Quill has a can-do attitude and willingness to go above-and-beyond for clients.

“We explained our predicament, attended a sales meeting and viewed a demonstration on the same day, then we were handed over to implementation to put a schedule in place. The implementation team made it precisely clear what they wanted and when in order to achieve deadline. With Quill in the driving seat, the whole switchover process was a dream.

“I can’t compliment Quill highly enough for how they came to our aid at a time when we were at our most vulnerable. We now use Quill’s Interactive legal accounts and practice management system.”

Commenting on specific reporting functionality, Elliott adds: “Reporting is much improved. What had to be done on bespoke reports before comes as standard with Interactive’s vast range of ready-made report templates. This is a huge time saver.”

In his concluding sentiments, Elliott praises Quill’s all-embracing client care: “At the initial sales stage, there’s an open book policy which is exceptional and refreshing for being so. At the implementation stage, there’s complete support throughout what’s typically a somewhat testing period. From the go-live stage onwards, there’s an unconditional commitment to resolve any issues straightaway, assisted by the fact there’s always someone knowledgeable who answers the helpdesk phone where we used to have to log queries and hang around waiting for calls back.

“Everyone I’ve encountered at Quill is an excellent communicator, extremely personable and ever helpful. There’s no better business attitude than that. It’s a breath of fresh air dealing with people who do exactly what they say.”

Download a PDF of the Waller Pollins Goldstein case study.

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