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Case Studies

Ai Law chooses cashiering-on-any-software support from Quill

When Ai Law first started, there was a busy workload and few people to share the myriad duties. Tom Ellis, Partner at Ai Law, explains how "[following] expansion, cashiering became crippling. I recognised that bookkeeping had become a full time job so I looked around in order to relieve the pressure... our accountant led us to Quill and we’ve been using its outsourcing service ever since. By introducing us to Quill, our accountant has proved his worth tenfold.”

Quill powers Adams Kaye’s regulatory compliance & quality services

Stuart Kaye, Director & Licensed Conveyancer at Adams Kaye, understands the important role technology plays in running a compliant operation and delivering quality legal services. Having launched his boutique residential property law firm with fellow founding director, Paul Adams, earlier this year, Stuart’s mission is to offer personalised services blended with sophisticated IT. Pre-launch he chose our legal accounts software and outsourced cashiering service for assured compliance assistance.

Quill picks up the pieces from failed software swap out

After 12 years of using our Interactive software, despite never having had any complaints, Ash Sanger at Allwyn Sanger Solicitors began to wonder if some younger competitors may have more to offer in terms of technology advancements. Her speculation resulted in a software swap out which failed for a multitude of reasons and migration back to our Interactive legal accounting and case management system, all within a 6-month probation period. Read Ash's story.

Kreston Reeves' work is more efficient for Quill clients

One of Kreston Reeves' principal areas of expertise is the preparation of solicitors’ accounts. Peter Farley explains how their work is made more efficient for joint Kreston Reeves-Quill clients because they can perform background activity remotely via our cloud-based legal accounts software and have confidence in accurate accounts management when our outsourced cashiering service is being used too.

Exemplar of organisational change, Parry Welch & Lacey, presents change management tips

James Parry, Partner at Parry Welch & Lacey LLP, is a strong advocate of change. Originally a DPS Software user, he switched to cloud-hosted Interactive legal accounting and case management software and, later, Pinpoint outsourced cashiering support, and drastically reduced costs and saved time in the process. Now he's able to focus on what matters most - fee earning and business development.

Start-up ever-onwards cashiering suppport

Setting up a new legal practice is a demanding, time-consuming, stressful process. Outsourcing key business functions is a way of alleviating the pressure at these early stages of formation. Pam Smith, a Director at Parklands Property Lawyers, explains why their start-up business chose the "sensible" option of outsourced legal cashiering support and, nine years onwards, remain loyal clients of the Pinpoint service.