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We're tackling the Salford Dragon Boat Race for charity

Posted: 3rd April, 2018

This year's company-wide fundraising event is the Salford Dragon Boat Race. Our charity is the Anthony Nolan trust. The reason we've designated this worthy charity as our beneficiary is because we sadly lost our long-serving Director, Peter Dye, to blood cancer earlier this year. And the reason we've chosen this particular event is that, upon his retirement, Peter and his wife, Jane, spent their newly freed up time sailing from Ipswich to the Mediterranean, visiting many far-flung places on their yacht, Bluejay. Read more and pledge monies.

Quill's Easter bunnies are delivering smiles to disadvantaged children

Posted: 28th March, 2018

The Quill Easter bunnies have been out in force this month collecting chocolate eggs, colouring books and colouring pens for disadvantaged children in hospital, shelters and hospices up and down the country. The aim of our Easter collection was simply to put a smile on children's faces during a challenging phase of their lives. To quote the author Richard M Knittle: "Putting a smile on a child's face can change the world. Maybe not the whole world but at least their world." Happy Easter everyone!

Top 5 benefits of outsourced typing

Posted: 1st March, 2018

Our Quill Type outsourced typing service is so simple: all you need is the free Quill Type app on your iPhone or Android device; set up an account and you can then dictate and securely upload your dictation to our dedicated team of typists directly from your phone wherever you are. Just like our Pinpoint cashiering service, the outsourcing advantages are numerous. Read our top 5 benefits of outsourced typing.

Allwyn Sanger boomerangs back to Quill

Posted: 22nd February, 2018

In our latest case study, Ash Sanger at Allwyn Sanger Solicitors explains how her "natural curiosity" led her to trial a software swap out with a newer entrant to the legal software marketplace. 6 months later, after a lengthy series of mishaps and undelivered promises, Ash turned back to Quill for help to "pick up the pieces". She now extols all-things Quill and acts as "living proof that the grass isn't always greener". Read Ash's story.

New: Outsourced typing service

Posted: 1st February, 2018

Today sees the official launch of Type, a new 24-hour managed typing and transcription service, designed to significantly improve turnaround times, reduce costs, enhance document quality and strengthen security for law firms. The delivery of Type will be supported by Document Direct, a preeminent UK supplier of digital dictation transcription and secretarial services.

40th birthday celebrations

Posted: 31st January, 2018

19th January marked our 40th birthday. The past four decades have taken us on an incredible journey. To mark the special occasion, we hosted a party for our employees, as can be seen from these photographs. Our people have, after all, contributed to our success more than anything else. The party was a great moment to thank staff new and old for their contributions to making Quill what it is today.