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NEW: Police Station App

Posted: 21st June, 2017

First, you get your DSCC call, head to the station, there's no internet so out comes pen and paper. Later, back at the office, you trawl through your notes, decipher your rushed handwriting and input into your software. It's time consuming, inefficient and downright frustrating.

But, there is an alternative... our Police Station App.

Specialist payroll support

Posted: 20th June, 2017

Struggling with keeping your complicated payroll compliant? Unsure of your staff pension obligations? Confused with ever-evolving payroll legislation? Haven't you got better things to do? 

As a legal practice, you have a whole load of payroll and pension hoops and hurdles to keep you up at night. Why not outsource to us instead? Unlike other providers, we're experts at dealing with the peculiarities of law firm payroll.

We're backing the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

Posted: 25th May, 2017

On Monday 22nd May, 22 people were tragically killed and 120 were injured after an explosion in the foyer of Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert. The British Red Cross has set up an appeal to raise money for those who've been injured or bereaved by the bomb attack. We're supporting the cause and hope you can too. To donate, visit or

Brain Chase Coles's rescue operation administered by Quill

Posted: 24th May, 2017

Long-standing client, Brain Chase Coles, has used Interactive in its various forms for 20 years. When its cashier retired and her replacement didn't work out, the practice turned to us for help. Nick Massey-Chase describes the ensuing rescue operation which resulted in migrating to the cloud version of Interactive with outsourced cashiering and payroll as bolt-on extras, concluding that he's "so pleased to continue our partnership".

Top tips on combatting fraud

Posted: 18th May, 2017

Our latest top tips guidance has been published on the Legal Futures blog. Titled 'Top tips on combatting fraud', this new instalment follows on nicely from our recent, similar-themed 'Ten top tips on desktop security' and brings timely advice on how to tighten your defences against cyber (and other) criminals.

Read new blog post.

Office closing times for AGM 2017

Posted: 3rd May, 2017

This year, our AGM's taking place on Friday 12th May. With all staff attending, unfortunately this means our offices are closed for part or all of the day. Specifically, Redcar and Brighton are shut all day, Manchester from 12.00pm and Liverpool from 12.30pm. Our servers will be monitored through this period and we have systems in place to alert key staff, should any issues arise. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your continued support.