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Bana Vaid’s cashiering’s made simple by Quill

Posted: 27th July, 2017

When Bana Vaid & Associates’ previous software supplier announced it was phasing out its legal accounts system and pushing clients to migrate to a more expensive replacement, the practice took a contemplative look at its options and signed up to Interactive. The practice enjoys its new easy-to-use accounts package which is saving immeasurable time at month and year end. With Redbrick Practice Management in use too, the integrated set up is proving to be a "winning combination".

Dyer & Crowe’s search and rescue mission leads to Quill

Posted: 26th July, 2017

A series of irritating accounting mishaps caused by issues with its previous legal accounts package led Dyer & Crowe Licensed Conveyancers to appraise its software options. Concurrently, the supplier was acquired by a larger software provider. An increase in fees then ensued, forcing Dyer & Crowe to proceed with urgency with its software review. With CASA for case management, the practice looked around for legal accounts software that could work closely with it and chose Interactive.

Kreston Reeves-Quill partnership streamlines annual accounts

Posted: 12th July, 2017

Annual accounting and SRA Accounts Rules inspections are a routine part of law firms’ calendars. Practices rely upon SRA Accounts Rules-conversant accountants, such as the dedicated team of legal specialists at multi-office Kreston Reeves LLP, to assist with habitual accounting procedures. In this new case study, Peter Farley explains how Quill clients using remotely accessed software (Interactive) and precise accounts management (Pinpoint) streamlines these annual tasks which in turn makes Kreston Reeves’ work more efficient.

Appointment, promotion and retirement for Quill trio

Posted: 6th July, 2017

We've appointed seasoned business development and sales executive, Jo Poole, to our accounts management team. Jo’s appointment has come about as a result of the promotion of existing regional sales consultant, Clare Tuck, to the just-formed position of client relationship manager. Plus our long-serving sales manager, David Phillips, has retired. Read more about Jo's and Clare's new roles, and David's retirement.

Francis Parffrey trades profitably, thanks to Quill

Posted: 5th July, 2017

When Francis Parffrey set up his own practice operating from his home office in Devon three years ago, he recognised exactly which supplier to choose for cashiering support and accounting software: Quill! Here, Francis explains how, as a sole practitioner, he's responsible for everything and can't delegate. Outsourced cashiering support frees up his time for fee earning activity so he's able to work more profitably.

Outsourced cashiering and your bottom line

Posted: 4th July, 2017

We've published an article on the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers website titled 'Outsourced cashiering and your bottom line'. Access on and read how outsourcing services - in this case, legal cashiering - can help you to drastically decrease your overheads.