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Ai Law chooses cashiering-on-any-software support

Posted: 22nd January, 2020

Following a recommendation by his accountant, Tom Ellis at Ai Law uses cashiering-on-any software support. Tom explains: “Having previously gone through a stringent [software] selection process, we were keen to continue operating this now-bedded-in solution.” The firm enjoys the rigour and knowledge applied to our cashiering service with the ability to retain its familiar software.

Outsourced legal accounts & white label payroll in 30 seconds

Posted: 22nd January, 2020

Calling all accountants: Do you fancy free marketing to hundreds of law firms? Did you know Quill is the UK's biggest supplier of legal cashiering services? Are you also aware Quill provides white label payroll services? Find out more in 30 seconds!

2019 charity fundraising round up

Posted: 16th January, 2020

Whilst many of us at Quill could be accused of having big mouths or big heads, one thing we definitely do have is big hearts. In 2019, we pledged over £3,500 to various charities plus donated bucket loads of gifts.

Sign up to our AML tool before the 5th EU AML Directive goes live!

Posted: 8th January, 2020

The 5th EU AML Directive is scheduled to be introduced this Friday 10th January, bringing with it more onerous responsibilities relating to money laundering. Are you prepared ahead of deadline? There's no need to panic because, with our Interactive software, AML and credit checks can be performed as part of the client inception process.

December Readit newsletter

Posted: 23rd December, 2019

2019 has been an intense year for software development, culminating with Interactive Forms. Next year begins with the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive whose key message is online AML checking; a feature that's been available for some years in Interactive. Read more on this and other timely subjects.

New case study: Fairweather Law integrates Quill and Redbrick

Posted: 20th December, 2019

When its previous supplier inflated its fees thereby making its software unsustainable for the future, Fairweather Law decided to switch. The firm now uses a combined Quill-Redbrick software solution for legal accounting and case management respectively. Jack Fairweather comments: “Although somewhat forced to change, signing for Interactive [from Quill] has been the best decision.”