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Cheshire Search & Rescue gets latest dress-down-Friday funds

Posted: 13th July, 2016 Cheshire Search & Rescue gets latest dress-down-Friday funds

Our Friday-dress-down-for-charity series continues with June's collection allocated to Cheshire Search and Rescue (CSAR). Our monies were well received as the charity gets no government funding whatsoever.

To give you a little bit of background on CSAR, here are some important facts and figures:-

Anthony Horrigan, CSAR Secretary, thanks us for our £42 donation: "Thank you for your very generous donation. Every penny that is donated to Cheshire Search and Rescue goes towards providing vital equipment to members who give up their spare time to provide support, care and expertise in helping save lives of vulnerable people in and around the Cheshire region."

Our MD, Julian Bryan, comments: "At Quill, we hold ourselves accountable for all stakeholder groups, including the wider community around us. We're both enthusiastic and relentless in our fundraising efforts. However busy we are at work, we always host our dress-down-day on the last Friday of every month. Then our staff choose the charity who'll get the money each time.

"The collection from June is being awarded to Cheshire Search and Rescue, a very worthy charity in my opinion. The work they do is invaluable yet they're reliant entirely on donations. If our monetary pledge supports just one successful search mission, it'll have been well spent. Well done to our employees for making this happen."

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