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Weather warning: thundersnow forecast

Weather warning: thundersnow forecast

The weather forecast for the rest of this week is thundersnow, blizzards, Arctic temperatures, gales and ice. There are severe weather warnings in place and the Army's on standby to deal with emergencies. So, it's time to brace yourself for what's predicted to be the worst whiteout for 6 years.

Have you considered how your business will function if you can't get into work tomorrow?

As you know from winters past, weather causes all manner of disruption from physical damage to your office to paralysing our travel network. The result is an out-of-bounds workplace and reduced workforce.

Best practice risk management goes a long way to limiting the ill effects of a harsh British winter. Having a bad weather policy, otherwise known as your disaster recovery plan, allows you to keep up-and-running whatever the winter throws at you.

Don't have a plan? Worry not, we can help! For foolproof winter protection, simply choose our business continuity solutions:-

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