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10 reasons to use document management software

Posted: 6th February, 2019

Digitisation is the process of moving from “paper” to ”data”. Businesses of all types, law firms included, are embarking upon projects to introduce electronic working and achieve their paperless office goals for a whole multitude of reasons. The primary vehicle for doing so is document management software (DMS). In this latest instalment of helpful tips, here are ten good reasons to choose DMS in your practice…

Prepare for snow day with Quill

Posted: 30th January, 2019

With severe snow fall across the UK today, travellers face extensive delays and disruption on their commute to work. At times such as these, it's worth remembering the benefits of cloud software and outsourcing services. The former can be accessed from anywhere and the latter continue uninterrupted, whatever the weather. Read more and weather-proof your business this winter.

Accountants: prepare your clients for MTD

Posted: 22nd January, 2019

With Making Tax Digital (MTD) top of mind with accountants currently, we've put together a special newsletter to help you prepare law firm clients for HMRC's 1st April 2019 deadline. There's information on how our Interactive legal accounting software has been recognised by HMRC for MTD and is on the list of VAT compatible products in development. You can also read about Interactive's free accountant's licence and accountant-centric reporting, download case studies on accountancy practices and discover other ways Quill can support your work. Access accountants' newsletter.

We're an accredited Living Wage employer

Posted: 8th January, 2019

We’ve implemented the Living Wage for our employees and joined 4,700 leading companies as accredited Living Wage Employers. This means our entire permanent, temporary, apprenticeship and contracted staff earn not just the Minimum Wage, which is a statutory requirement, but the Living Wage, an hourly rate set independently by the Living Wage Foundation based on the cost of living in the UK and voluntarily paid by businesses choosing to participate in the scheme. Read more.

3 easy changes to make in 2019 instead of hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions

Posted: 7th January, 2019

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, with the majority of people failing to stick to them for longer than a few weeks. That’s because they’re often too vague or too monumental. While resolutions tend to centre on your personal goals, they’re important from a business perspective too. You see, there are innovative ways to enhance your professional life and significantly impact your success. Here are three alternative, easy-to-keep changes that you can make in 2019...

December Readit newsletter out now

Posted: 21st December, 2018

Your Christmas-themed Readit newsletter is available now. It contains great news: our Interactive legal accounting software is now registered with HMRC as a 'VAT compatible product in development' for its Making Tax Digital programme. There's lots of advice on keeping your business up and running over Christmas, and do take a minute to look at the videos from our 'best dressed desks' Christmas decorations competition on our YouTube channel. It was certainly a great exercise in team building and set the right backdrop for our reverse advent charity fundraising. Access newsletter.