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Your software swap checklist

Your software swap checklist

Considering changing software suppliers?

If, for whatever reason, software change is essential, take the time to really assess your options and carefully research prospective suppliers. We've compiled these 5 questions to get you started...

1. Are you happy with the system's legal accounts and compliance capabilities?
After all, it's financial compliance that keeps your doors open!

2. Have you established your exit strategy if your software choice doesn't work out?
You need reasonable and easy access to your data and documents, not least to meet your DPA and GDPR data protection obligations.

3. Does your potential software supplier belong to the Legal Software Suppliers Association?
The LSSA provides a quality standard and code of conduct for all software supplier members.

4. Can you speak with a real human being on the phone for help and support?
Make sure you'll deal with an actual person when you become an end user.

5. What's in the contract and can you digest at length before signing?
It's the small print that often causes problems. Don't be rushed into signing contracts without having been given sufficient time to review first.

In other words, it's vitally important to find out exactly what being a client will feel like, both in terms of software usability and interaction, as well as what happens should you later decide to cancel your contract.

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