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12 reasons to use Interactive 4

12 reasons to use Interactive 4

Our popular bespoke version of the "12 days of Christmas" series is back! This year's title is "12 reasons to use Interactive 4" and we're demonstrating why you should use the latest version of our multi-award-winning legal accounts and practice management software.

As you'll see, topics are wide ranging, covering everything from accounting and document management to electronic forms and matter set up, with all manner of other festive hints and tips to navigate your enhanced system better.

Access your 12 reasons here...

Reason 1: Stylish dashboard
Reason 2: Specify your landing page
Reason 3: Instantly access cases
Reason 4: Rapid matter set up
Reason 5: Save your favourite reports
Reason 6: Integrated electronic forms
Reason 7: Auto-populate data fields
Reason 8: Convert documents to PDF
Reason 9: Zip documents
Reason 10: Comply with accounts regulations (including Scottish rules!)
Reason 11: Tighter matter management security
Reason 12: Synchronise your systems

We're looking for volunteers to implement Interactive 4. If anyone in your team would like to use Interactive 4, please get in touch with Sarah who'll switch you over to the new system. The upgrade is completely free of change which means this advanced functionality could be yours now on a complimentary basis.