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What makes Quill's clients so loyal?

Posted: 30th December, 2017 What makes Quill's clients so loyal?

One of the many things we’ve learnt in our 40 years of trading is that lengthy tie-ins are the worst way to retain clients. Our contracts have always offered 12 month minimum terms, and always will. In comparison, other suppliers insist upon a 36 month commitment and make it practically impossible to terminate before the time’s up.

So why do our clients stick around? Simply because you get more than just quality software and outsourced services when you buy from Quill. As soon as you become our client, you gain a caring partner genuinely passionate about delivering the best possible solutions with the best possible support at the best possible price.

As we approach our 40th birthday, we bring you some key facts about our company and our clients in statistical format...

Now that we’ve told you all about Quill, it’s your turn to tell us all about you. We’d love to find out what challenges you’re facing, help you overcome them and establish a long-lasting partnership built upon reliability and trust.

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