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Cost per desk = £17k. It's time to outsource!

Posted: 8th January, 2018 Cost per desk = £17k. It's time to outsource!

According to recent research, the average cost per desk in London is now £16,784.79 per annum. Add into the mix all the usual employment costs - that's recruitment, training, salaries, pensions, sickness and holiday cover, IT hardware and software, bonuses plus a whole host of other perks - and suddenly outsourcing's never been so attractive.

Why not save money and time, and outsource your cashiering instead? See for yourself how outsourced cashiering works in one of our free 15-minute webinars. Attend and learn how...

You'll hear a practical run through of the cashiering process at Quill and view the main accounting screens in our Interactive legal accounts software, predominantly learning how you'll input e-chits at your end and our Pinpoint cashiers manage postings thereafter at our end. It really is as simple as that.

Here's a list of our forthcoming webinars:-

Simply click on the relevant hyperlink above, complete your details and turn up on the day to listen in via the web.

If we've whetted your appetite and you can't wait to find out more, read our 'Ten reasons to outsource your cashiering' and 'How outsourced cashiering works' guides on the Infolaw website, and contact us for a chat.

Hope to 'meet' you online over the next fortnight!