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Did you read October's Readit newsletter?

Posted: 21st November, 2018 Did you read October's Readit newsletter?

Last week we reminded you about your September Readit newsletter. This week we're giving you another opportunity to access your October DMS-themed newsletter. Along with timely advice on preparing for the worst of our winter weather, further information on Making Tax Digital and charity news including details of Steven Shaw's blood donation award, there are a plethora of articles about Interactive Documents.

Find out why our software development team invests heavily in Interactive Documents, see a Q&A with our developer, Darren Jones, and view user tips on how to navigate and use Interactive Documents better. To this end, we cover creating attendance notes, assigning recipients to emails from handy drop-down lists, converting-and-attaching documents as PDFs to emails and more. Full user guides are also available upon request.

Priced at just £17 per user per month for full integration with the Microsoft Office suite, you can exploit our heavy financial investment in Interactive Documents without breaking your bank.

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