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We're an accredited Living Wage employer

Posted: 8th January, 2019 We're an accredited Living Wage employer

We’ve implemented the Living Wage for our employees and joined 4,700 leading companies as accredited Living Wage Employers.

This means our entire permanent, temporary, apprenticeship and contracted staff earn not just the Minimum Wage, which is a statutory requirement, but the Living Wage, an hourly rate set independently by the Living Wage Foundation based on the cost of living in the UK and voluntarily paid by businesses choosing to participate in the scheme.

With the government-defined Minimum Wage currently set at £7.83 per hour, we’ve committed to pay at least £9 per hour for our regional team and £10.55 per hour for staff located in London according to actual living costs and updated annually as part of the Living Wage campaign to address working poverty.

By carrying the Living Wage Employer stamp, we’re demonstrating responsible leadership by voluntarily taking a stand to close the gap between what people need to earn in order to live in today’s society and the Minimum Wage as mandated by government.

Julian Bryan, our MD, comments: “Paying the Living Wage is a nationally recognised sign of good practice in employment. At Quill, we’re always looking for new ways in which to offer even more benefits to our workforce. You see, we firmly believe that if we look after our employees, they’ll look after Quill and, more importantly, our clients.

“As a direct result of the Living Wage and other initiatives, we’re rewarded with long-serving employees whose drive and enthusiasm attributes to our success in no uncertain way. Our loyal client base does business with us because of the great service we provide and this is all credit to those who work here.

“This latest accreditation follows hot-on-the-heels of our Best Companies 1-star status for 2019, and shows our dedication to providing the best possible workplace for everyone who works at Quill by empowering them to earn a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

“The Living Wage mark is also in line with our aims of social responsibility. We have a strong ethos of ‘giving back’ to the community as evidenced by many activities on behalf of charitable causes. Living Wage status supports this ongoing mission.”

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