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Interactive is available in BETA format as a smartphone app

Posted: 10th September, 2019 Interactive is available in BETA format as a smartphone app

The Interactive AppBETA  is now free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users respectively. Featuring pretty much the same functionality as Interactive Cloud, our app allows you to view client and matter information, add new clients and matters, record fee earner time, use stopwatches, authorise e-chits and view listings of your recent documents.

Interactive AppBETA  operates in real time and only requires an internet connection. It’s just as secure as Interactive Cloud, using exactly the same login credentials to get started.

So it really doesn’t matter where you are, there can be no excuse not to activate or progress live matters, record time units, start a stopwatch, delay the authorisation of an e-chit or access case-related documentation!

Julian Bryan, MD, comments: “As ever with our consulting and engaging approach to software development, we’re always looking for client feedback – be it good and bad. For the BETA release of our Interactive App, we’d very much welcome user input to making it even better for the rest of our client community. We openly invite clients to get involved as a BETA site and shape the future look-and-feel of our new app.”

Our Interactive AppBETA  can be found on the Apple App Store at and on Google Play at