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Positive feedback from Liverpool Law Society HR forum

Posted: 2nd May, 2012

Sponsoring a lunchtime HR forum at the venue of the original founders of a Law Library which evolved over time into the Law Society we recognise today, Maria Hadfield was at the Liverpool Law Society premises to represent the Quill Pinpoint Payroll outsourcing service.

Maria networked with the attendant HR professionals, engaging in conversation on the full spectrum of HR-related responsibilties and issues.  Prior to her current position as Service Director, Maria was formerly HR Director for a 6 year period.

"I've retained some of my previous HR duties", explains Maria.  "In addition to my new role, I'm still responsible for HR strategy so I can empathise with the workload of modern-day HR specialists.  There are lots of hats to wear and expectations are high.  By outsourcing payroll, there's one less hat to wear".

Feedback on Maria's accompanying presentation was positive, addressing prevalent concerns on legislative changes relating to HMRC's introduction of Real Time Information reporting which demands in-year PAYE payments and the Pension Reforms 2012.

"There's a lot of pressure on HR employees", continues Maria.  "In the midst of a double-dip recession, budgets are tight, wages are static but the volume of work is growing.  Practice HR staff may not have the time to digest and comply with their legal responsibilities but risk taking is not an option.

Quill Pinpoint Payroll is a personalised, flexible, accurate, secure documentation and financial management service which allows HR departments to hand over their entire payroll function to us, taking a heavy burden off their shoulders.

With increased emphasis on emergency planning as defined in the Solicitors Regulation Authority Handbook, it's reassuring to know that the service comes with business continuity for uninterrupted service levels and back-up of valuable payroll information.

This means no concerns about legalities, disruption of service or data loss.  It's not surprising that the audience was receptive to the idea of payroll outsourcing.  Thank you to the Liverpool Law Society for allowing us to be part of their event".

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