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Niche family firm supported by Pinpoint Interactive

Posted: 23rd March, 2012

In the latest addition to our case study family, Rosie Bracher explains how the Pinpoint Interactive outsourcing service has supported their niche family practice from inception, through expansion, and into the future.

With fully outsourced cashiering support, matter and accounts management features, and hosted delivery, they enjoy benefits ranging from regulatory compliance to business continuity.

Rosie explains:

"Having spent a few hours reading through the Law Society software solutions guide checking functionality and rankings for each supplier’s products, we arrived at Quill Pinpoint because Pinpoint Interactive is ideal for small but growing practices and they were ranked highly by users which is the best form of recommendation in my opinion.

We signed up for the outsourcing service to save the unnecessary expense of taking on these tasks in-house.  Our cashier operates like an employee of our practice, performing our transactions, processing chits and managing our ledgers on a day-to-day basis.

The accompanying Quill Interactive software gives us the flexibility we need in terms of expansion and is particularly good at accommodating remote workers.  It’s a hosted system, which means that it’s delivered through the Quill server rather than a locally installed server. The advantage is continuity in the event of in-house technical problems, as the service is not affected.

Pinpoint Interactive has been with us since we first formed our practice and will continue to support us through continued growth and into the future."

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