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Outsourced legal accounts & white label payroll in 30 seconds

Posted: 22nd January, 2020 Outsourced legal accounts & white label payroll in 30 seconds

As our imaginary stopwatch is ticking, we'll get straight to the point:

1. Do you fancy free marketing to hundreds of law firms?
2. Did you know Quill is the UK's biggest supplier of legal cashiering services?
3. Are you also aware Quill provides white label payroll services for accountants?

Free marketing

With our chartered accountant search tool, we're just as keen to help our clients access help for period-end accounting from you as we are to assist you in securing new business from solicitors.

Check out our online facility and email us your details to be added to our database. It's totally free and provided with no obligation.

Legal cashiering service

In the true spirit of 'if we scratch your back, will you scratch ours?' we're eager to learn if your clients would benefit from outsourced legal cashiering support.

You see, at Quill, we offer an outsourced cashiering service, Pinpoint, to carry out the back office function thereby letting fee earning and management teams focus on what they do best - looking after clients and managing their company.

Our 'always in, never sick' mantra furnishes users with an assigned cashier and deputy for absence cover. Amongst the myriad reasons to use Pinpoint is our complementary legal accounts software, Interactive, supplied with a free accountant's licence.

The advantage for you recommending Quill to legal clients is your work becomes that much easier with wherever-whenever access, uninterrupted accounting, easy-to-run reports, clear audit trails and assured compliance.

White label payroll service

Where payroll's concerned, we supply a truly white label service covering everything from auto enrolment with most leading pension providers and delivering payslips securely over the web or smartphone app to facilitating BACS salary payments and all associated reporting.

With our white label option, your processes are streamlined further still. We manage your clients' payroll under your branding. You spend time instead on more value-added services.

So, if you have a few more seconds to spare, why not take a closer look? Download our Pinpoint and Payroll datasheets, call 0161 236 2910 or email