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Calling all clients: We’re prepared for coronavirus!

Posted: 12th March, 2020 Calling all clients: We’re prepared for coronavirus!

As coronavirus is now declared a global pandemic, and school and business closures become an increasingly likely prospect, we’d like to advise all our valued clients of our preparedness for COVID-19. It’s our intention that our outsourced services will continue as uninterrupted as possible during the course of this national emergency.

To assure our clients, we’ve reviewed, tested and updated our business continuity and disaster recovery plans thoroughly over the past few weeks. For example, we’ve trialled departments working from home to ensure ongoing connectivity to our data centres and phone systems. Where necessary, we’ve invested in additional laptops to accommodate more extensive home working capabilities business-wide. In parallel with this, we’ve got a keen eye on data protection across all environments so there’s no compromise of our confidentiality obligations.

If you use our legal cashiering, payroll and pension management, and typing services, then, rest assured that support will continue as close to normal as it’s possible to be.

Clients using our Interactive Cloud legal accounts, case and document management software also have a 99.95% 24/7 system uptime guarantee whatever of-the-moment coronavirus action plan is being implemented by government. And, let’s face it, things are escalating pretty quickly currently.

Interactive promises a resilient set-up with round-the-clock technical helpdesk assistance thereby empowering users to work from home as occasion demands.

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