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Desktop integration focus during COVID-19

Posted: 12th May, 2020 Desktop integration focus during COVID-19

Two things we're thankful for in this crisis: cloud computing and our computer desktop. At Quill, we've worked hard to marry the two together. That's where our desktop integration suite of Add-ins come in.

During lockdown, we've learnt how cloud computing facilitates working from home whilst also realising we spend lots of time using Outlook and Word.

To this end, our Outlook Add-ins store and time record inbound and outbound emails, associating email threads and conversations with their matter. Our Word Add-ins merge client and matter details to documents, saving re-keying and improving accuracy. Plus, for PC-stored documents, a simple right click and they're uploaded via our qSync tools.

Now, desktop integration has just got a whole lot better with our new Excel Add-ins which allow spreadsheets, such as completion statements and probate data, to save to their matter smoothly and speedily.

Why not join up your desktop with Interactive Cloud and strengthen your home-working capabilities?

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