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June Readit newsletter

Posted: 30th June, 2020 June Readit newsletter

The introduction to this month's Readit newsletter took several drafts to write because one moment there are signs of a new normal returning then in the next breath we see re-imposition of restrictions on Leicester. Perhaps this is the new normal?

Whatever the normal is, we're as keen as you are to make it work. That's why, earlier this month, we launched Quilldex. This is a real-time benchmarking tool allowing you to compare your levels of new instruction against similar firms. If you haven't yet looked, I'd encourage you to visit as soon as you can.

But more important to us is making sure you have the systems and service support in place to operate efficiently and effectively from some mix of the spare bedroom, kitchen or possibly the practice office. To this end, our suite of Interactive Add-ins grows in terms of capability, bridging the gap between the flexibility of the cloud and convenience of your desktop. If you're not using this document management toolkit, you're seriously missing out! Remember that doing so opens the doors to statutory forms integration and document bundling as optional extras.

The SRA continues to make it clear that law firms cannot let standards slip and protection of client money remains paramount. This reinforces the need to ensure you have a contingency plan in place should your cashier not be able to work - short or long term. If you aren't already using our Pinpoint cashiering service and need a backup, please shout!

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