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Here's a selection of key dates and developments in Quill Pinpoint's history, in chronological order, from start-up to present day...

1978: First established as a business, called Gerrard Calculator Systems, supplying programmable calculators.

1980: As Gerrard Computer Systems, we became part of a franchise for a pre-Microsoft computer including a basic word processing program. Recognising how the legal profession is required to perform lots of repetitive paperwork tasks, we began working closely with law firms to help them overcome these unnecessary chores.

1985: Became Quill Computer Systems and started developing our own software. We kept re-writing and improving our technology whose name changed over time from Laudit to Quantum and Quillennium, the early predecessors of Interactive.

1990s: Knowing how difficult it is for law firms to find good legal cashiers, we set up an outsourced cashiering bureau. At this time, outsourced accounting services tended to be a week behind because they were heavily reliant on the post. By complimenting the service with our own software, we speeded things up.

2000s: To extend our outsourced service offerings, we acquired AM Services which became our Liverpool-based outsourced payroll bureau. We also further expanded our cashiering bureau by creating an office in Middlesbrough. In the same period, our software development team set up camp in Brighton. All three offices are still occupied today.

Now: 4 offices and 90 staff. Our core business is legal accounts and practice management software - Interactive - delivered on a cloud-hosted platform with add-on document management, anti-money laundering and other modules; outsourced cashiering services - Pinpoint; and outsourced payroll with optional pension management services - Quill Payroll. We've earned a whole raft of awards and accolades along the way.