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December 2019 Readit

What a year 2019 has been (and that's before we talk politics). Twelve intense months of software development has culminated with Interactive Forms giving you access to a comprehensive library of statutory forms and e-submissions directly from Interactive. Next year begins with the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive on 10th January whose key message is online AML checking. The ability to do this using Interactive at client inception is a feature that's been available for some years. Find out more on this and other timely subjects in your December Readit.

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November 2019 Readit

Money movements to and from your client account are probably the biggest source of risk to your practice. It's therefore quite fitting that just as the SRA updates its regulatory framework, we launch MoneyChain - a solution designed to add a level of additional diligence and efficiency to your financial transactions to and from client and office accounts. Find out more on MoneyChain, and access lots more stories and details of new software functionality.

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October 2019 Readit

Your October Readit newsletter covers the revised SRA Accounts Rules with audit tips and a step-by-step user guide to compliance, plus there's an offer for the Shieldpay third-party managed account provider on a pay-as-you-go basis, and the usual round-up of case studies, software developments, company news and much more!

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September 2019 Readit

If, like Quill, August passed in something of a blur, now September's here, it's time to stop and reflect on all the new developments resulting from the hectic past few weeks' work. Access your September Readit newsletter to find out more!

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July 2019 Readit

The July 2019 Readit newsletter features great news: our Cyber Essentials accreditation is another tick in the list of reasons to use Quill. And add to that the ever-improving enhancements to Interactive and you’ve got a winning combination. We'll show just what you're missing out on in our free webinars... and there's more Quill news besides.

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June 2019 Readit

Your June Readit newsletter has two key messages this month. 1) MTD: For those of you whose VAT quarter finishes at the end of June, you now have until 7th August to register for MTD with HMRC, set up with Quill and get your first MTD-compliant VAT return submitted. See how we helped Russell & Co, one of our Pinpoint clients, become MTD ready. 2) Windows 7: It's being retired by Microsoft in January 2020. This means no more security patches or updates so using Windows 7 in your business could compromise your security from January onwards. Don't wait until then and start planning your upgrades now.

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