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All set for change

Whenever anyone writes about the legal profession, they write about change. And for good reason. The industry is markedly different to how it was just a few years ago and there's more change afoot.

While any law firm recognises the ongoing need for change, many are unsure how to do it. In this season's Readit newsletter, discover how to react to evolving legislation, use technology to best commercial advantage, utilise free document management functionality, adopt an outsourcing model to operate leaner and integrate your core systems.

Plus, read about our latest CSR initiatives including charity fundraising, MS Society 'Employer of the Year 2016' award win and disabled employee support policies.

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The cybersecurity issue

Cybercrime's rising. To put a figure on it, cybercrime is reported to have soared by 107% in 2015. This equates to an estimated 14.1 million offences. It's time to take action and get serious about cybersecurity.

Knowing where to begin's half the battle. Our new Readit newsletter's a great place to start.

Our cybersecurity-themed Readit is packed full of easy-to-implement advice on internal measures to reduce cyber risks as well as software user tips on strengthening desktop security and safely publishing case files to clients.

Also, to end on a lighter note, read about the latest member of our sales team, Anthony Davies, in our grilling Q&A and find out what's been keeping us busy on the charitable front.

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Be a wintertime superhero!

Booked in for your flu jab to stay well this wintertime?  Stocking your cupboards full of vitamin-rich food stuffs and supplements to further support your wellbeing throughout the coldest months?

As a health-aware nation, we’re clued-up with how best to protect ourselves as the winter bugs start doing the rounds and weather worsens.

But what about our businesses?  They’re subject to seasonal vulnerabilities too.

Never worry… your Winter 2015/16 Readit newsletter explains how the cold snap can cause disruption along with strategies to strengthen operations and run on a business-as-usual continuous basis, whatever challenges come your way.

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Building a better business with outsourcing

It’s surprising that many companies remain unacquainted with outsourcing and its many business benefits.  So this spring/summer Readit's lead articles introduce the concept of outsourcing and the myriad reasons for offloading administrative functions and IT management to expert providers (that’s us, by the way!).

We also bring partner news with Wealthcare and Purple Legal Network explaining why outsourcing your pensions and legal services respectively can help with compliance and excess demand.

Finally, there’s the usual user tips and round-up of company news, taking you on a journey from our regional events to Yorkshire’s Three Peaks.

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Achieving your business goals

Looking to reduce your overheads, including IT?  Eager to introduce flexible working to brace yourself for the ‘big chill’?  Struggling to juggle the multifarious demands of running your practice, covering everything from technology to staff management and the ever-changing legislation which impacts upon it?  Concerned about the growing risks facing your business?

A resounding yes?  Then our Autumn-Winter Readit newsletter’s right up your street…

This season’s issue is packed full of hints and tips to make your life easier.  Whether it’s preparing your business for winter (and beyond), benefiting from outsourcing assistance for your employee payroll and pensions, utilising technology to best commercial advantage or introducing additional screening processes to strengthen risk management, you’ll find it here.

With the right back up, you can achieve your business goals.

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Expert financial management at your fingertips

With the onset of springtime comes your spring-summer edition of Readit.  This season’s issue focuses on financial management.

As the recessionary onslaught persists, businesses continue foraging for more ways to save and better methods to manage money.  At this stage in the financial calendar, with companies performing end-of-year accounting and budget-setting tasks, as well as preparing for annual audits, finance-themed advice is well timed.

To this end, Readit is bursting with helpful hints on reducing costs, improving cash flow, streamlining accounts procedures and operating compliantly.

Financial management stories aside, you can also read about our latest document management software release, new voluntary charity committee, silver Investors in People award, biennial ILFM survey and desktop security tips to protect your firm’s IT infrastructure which is another area of growing concern to today’s legal practices.

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