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Legal newsletter | Quill's Christmas 2020 Readit

Whatever our 2020 vision might have looked like 12 months ago, none of us would have seen 2020 for the year it has been. We’re pleased to end the year knowing we’ve helped so many of you acclimatise to cloud computing and remote working. Like many of you, we overcame the logistical difficulties of busy periods, lockdowns, furloughs and business changes. And despite all the crazy turns, we never stopped innovating. This year Quill achieved numerous milestones, a few of which we’ve highlighted in this special Christmas ReadIt newsletter. 

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June 2020 Readit

Your June newsletter's here to help prepare for near-normal operations post coronavirus pandemic with our Interactive Add-ins which promote anywhere-anytime working, series of free Quilldex charts for benchmarking purposes and reminder of our cashiering service to overcome the pitfalls of short staffing. As always, there's industry and software development news too.

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May 2020 Readit

As May draws to a close, we're still home working and we're still in lockdown. Due to the continued operational and regulatory challenges law firms face, this month's newsletter is focused on contingency planning. Find out how you can put your 'plan B' in place plus discover a whole lot more in your May Readit.

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April 2020 Readit

From Excel Add-ins and legal forms to mobile apps and qSync, your Interactive Cloud's integration capabilities get deeper and stronger. There's one reason for this... to streamline how you go about your work from home during lockdown. In your April newsletter, we also unveil what's been keeping us busy recently and how we can support your compliance and security over the weeks (potentially months) ahead.

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March 2020 Readit

Like the majority of UK businesses, it's likely you've switched to home working for the foreseeable future during the coronavirus pandemic. To this end, read our support information and sign up for a free forms webinar. Electronic forms are a useful working-from-home measure as opposed to printed forms. There's also timely industry and company news, and software developments.

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February 2020 Readit

Software integration is important. Law firms running integrated systems, generally speaking, are more successful and profitable than those without. At Quill, we've always focused our software development attention on integration. It's the focus of our February newsletter too. Read various informative articles about our software integration initiatives. Beginning with qSync desktop-cloud links, MS Office add-ins, AML tools, smartphone app, legal forms and document bundling functionality. Ending with third-party integrators.

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