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March 2019 Readit

The March edition of Readit is all about Interactive Accounts. There's a good reason for this software focus. No one who works in the legal sector can fail to have noticed the two subjects currently dominating the profession, namely Making Tax Digital and the revised SRA Accounts Rules. Both present major changes to the way you do things, specifically how you submit VAT returns and manage monies. Find out more on these important topics.

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February 2019 Readit

Our February newsletter is an information-packed edition covering the subject everyone's talking about... Making Tax Digital. Read our important advice on how to begin preparing your law firm for HMRC's MTD scheme, find articles about enhancements to the documents and money features in Interactive, and access general company news covering everything from our latest top tips guide to recent giving back initiatives.

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December 2018 Readit

Your Christmas-themed Readit newsletter is available now. It contains great news: our Interactive legal accounting software is now registered with HMRC as a 'VAT compatible product in development' for its Making Tax Digital programme. There's lots of advice on keeping your business up and running over Christmas, and do take a minute to look at the videos from our 'best dressed desks' Christmas decorations competition on our YouTube channel. It was certainly a great exercise in team building and set the right backdrop for our reverse advent charity fundraising.

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November 2018 Readit

In your November Readit newsletter, you'll find information on the LSSA's data conversion white paper which we're already compliant with, new case study with Jawaid Luqmani at Luqmani Thompson and Partners about Interactive Documents, trainee legal cashiers who've joined our latest training academy, ILFM membership for employees, software tips ranging from billing guide to view contacts screen enhancements, accreditation to Best Companies '1 Star' status and charity fundraising.

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October 2018 Readit

October is your document management software-themed Readit newsletter! Along with timely advice on preparing for the worst of our winter weather, further information on Making Tax Digital and charity news including details of Steven Shaw's blood donation award, there are a plethora of articles about Interactive Documents.

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September 2018 Readit

Our popular Readit publication has switched from quarterly PDF to monthly electronic format in an attempt to keep you better informed on all things Quill. Kicking it off in September 2018, our introductory newsletter hosts Making Tax Digital, outsourced typing, Legal Aid, charity fundraising, employee award scheme, trainee cashier academy, Interactive Cloud user guides and more.

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