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December 2018 Readit

Your Christmas-themed Readit newsletter is available now. It contains great news: our Interactive legal accounting software is now registered with HMRC as a 'VAT compatible product in development' for its Making Tax Digital programme. There's lots of advice on keeping your business up and running over Christmas, and do take a minute to look at the videos from our 'best dressed desks' Christmas decorations competition on our YouTube channel. It was certainly a great exercise in team building and set the right backdrop for our reverse advent charity fundraising.

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November 2018 Readit

In your November Readit newsletter, you'll find information on the LSSA's data conversion white paper which we're already compliant with, new case study with Jawaid Luqmani at Luqmani Thompson and Partners about Interactive Documents, trainee legal cashiers who've joined our latest training academy, ILFM membership for employees, software tips ranging from billing guide to view contacts screen enhancements, accreditation to Best Companies '1 Star' status and charity fundraising.

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October 2018 Readit

October is your document management software-themed Readit newsletter! Along with timely advice on preparing for the worst of our winter weather, further information on Making Tax Digital and charity news including details of Steven Shaw's blood donation award, there are a plethora of articles about Interactive Documents.

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September 2018 Readit

Our popular Readit publication has switched from quarterly PDF to monthly electronic format in an attempt to keep you better informed on all things Quill. Kicking it off in September 2018, our introductory newsletter hosts Making Tax Digital, outsourced typing, Legal Aid, charity fundraising, employee award scheme, trainee cashier academy, Interactive Cloud user guides and more.

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The transformative power of Quill

Management buyout! Refreshed corporate identity! New Scottish office! Cloud-based payroll portal! Raft of software enhancements wrapped up to create Interactive version 4! These are just some of the exciting changes we’ve introduced at Quill in 2017.

In 2018, you need robust systems at the heart of your business. We provide you with just that – a legal accounts package with a growing-and-growing repertoire of case management functionality built in and horde of add-on solutions available at your fingertips for full-service support.

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All set for change

Whenever anyone writes about the legal profession, they write about change. And for good reason. The industry is markedly different to how it was just a few years ago and there's more change afoot.

While any law firm recognises the ongoing need for change, many are unsure how to do it. In this season's Readit newsletter, discover how to react to evolving legislation, use technology to best commercial advantage, utilise free document management functionality, adopt an outsourcing model to operate leaner and integrate your core systems.

Plus, read about our latest CSR initiatives including charity fundraising, MS Society 'Employer of the Year 2016' award win and disabled employee support policies.

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