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Gail Simko

Gail Simko

IT Support Manager

Gail joined Quill in 2018 and her key responsibility is to oversee the smooth running of the IT support team. Gail also acts as liaison between the R&D department and programme development committee to ensure customer requirements and satisfaction are assured.

As well as being responsible for the support of all Quill's support staff and systems, Gail manages the data conversion analysts, legal cashier support analysts and wider IT service desk team to ensure end users are closely guided and supported throughout their journey as a Quill client, from initial deployment onwards.

Gail brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience having worked in the IT sector for over 20 years, most recently Global IT Support Manager for a large international technology company.

Outside of work, Gail is a keen musician, Talking Heads fan, collector of vinyl records – being most proud of her full Beatles album collection – and, if that isn’t enough, makes time for her favourite hobby as an international wine taster.

Get in touch with Gail by email or phone 0161 236 2910.