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Julian Bryan

Julian Bryan

Managing Director

Julian Bryan has been Managing Director of Quill since 2012 and has led the company through a period of significant commercial growth as well as structural reorganisation.

Passionate about developing software that delivers tangible benefit to users, Julian has been instrumental in introducing enhancements to the company’s case and document management system for lawyers. Equally important to Julian are the benefits of engaging his employees and he has set about the task of making his company ‘one of the best places to work’.

As well as being Quill's MD, Julian was also the Chair of the Legal Software Suppliers Association, the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors, from 2016 to 2019.

Prior to Quill, Julian was Managing Director of Veterinary Solutions Ltd, which he grew from 300 to 1400 clients in ten years. Julian has extensive experience in delivering software and service solutions to food producers, veterinary surgeons, dentists and, most recently, solicitors.

Julian is now working a long way from his agricultural roots but retains his interest by ‘farming’ a vegetable patch in his garden. He is married to Carolyn and they have a daughter, Alexandra, who is a keen marketer.