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Kept afloat in the floods

In the past, the floods would have been a real problem but, with Quill, it was still possible to do a day’s work in spite of being unable to travel.

Christmas working

... on Christmas day, it was extremely useful to be able to access our systems remotely.

SRA compliance

The software is easy to access and use, and gives us peace of mind that we stay SRA compliant at all times.

Turnover growth

Pinpoint has contributed to our growth in turnover of 20% over the past 2 years.

Increased profit costs

... the cashiering service has undoubtedly played its part [in rising profits] by limiting our outbound costs, and helping us to tighter control and better forecast our finances.

Lexcel accreditation

... without Quill we would not have been fully adhering to the strict Lexcel standard for the purposes of the assessment.