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Working better as a firm

Working better as a firm

Commenting on our Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering service and Interactive legal accounting and case management software, Imran Khawaja at Armstrong & Co Solicitors explains:

“Quill’s outsourcing services and software help us to work better as a firm. We enter daily e-chits onto Interactive and Quill picks up from there. In terms of distribution of workload to perform the cashier role, it’s around a 20/80 split with Quill doing the lion’s share. It’s a huge time saver.

“Another significant benefit is SRA Accounts Rules compliance which is a foremost consideration for every single law firm in operation today. With a qualified external person checking our accounts, in the form of our Quill cashier, our own employees don’t have to go out of their way to keep up with the rules.

“The Interactive software itself is excellent. It’s extremely intuitive so managing ledgers and searching is easy. Reports too are straightforward. We can click on a few buttons and get meaningful insights. To top it all, support is responsive. It’s a complete package. I’ve actually used Quill’s software when I’ve been employed elsewhere. That’s the reason we chose Quill."

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