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Document Management Software

Law firms are document intensive by nature.

Each matter carries all manner of documentation from ID provided at the inception stage to property searches, mortgage offers, title deeds and exchanged contracts in a simple residential conveyancing case.

With office space at a premium and efficiency a top priority for the modern-day legal practice, it's time to paper cleanse your business by becoming digital by default.

Document management software is the platform that makes this possible.

For a whole host of benefits - not least reduced storage capacity and productivity gains - choose from:-

DMS Professional

DMS Lite

  • Optional add-in for closer MS Office integration
  • Attach and email documents saved-to-cloud straight from Outlook
  • Auto-capture inbound and outbound matter-related Outlook correspondence
  • Create, edit and save documents directly from Word
  • Use other newly added features including auto-save from desktop
  • Pay an affordable fee of only £15 monthly per user
  • In-built functionality within Interactive
  • Included in your Interactive licence so no additional cost applies