Roger James Clements & Partners switches from Osprey to Quill software to go paperless


Case study: Roger James Clements & Partners

Roger James Clements switches from Osprey to Quill software to drive practice management efficiencies and go paperless

Interview with: Andrew Hext, Legal Practice Manager, Roger James Clements & Partners


Roger James Clements & Partners moved from Osprey to Quill which has been fully embraced thanks to ‘super user’ training. Looking ahead, Quill will allow the law firm to achieve its paperless vision whilst introducing efficiencies right now.

The Challenge:

When Andrew Hext joined Roger James Clements in April 2021, the law firm had recently migrated from the Osprey system to Quill. Andrew’s challenge was getting Quill bedded in and making sure staff throughout the business were sufficiently trained in its complete suite of case and practice management, and legal accounting functionality.

“Although I wasn’t part of the software migration project over to Quill, I knew it was a seamless switchover. I played a key role during the familiarisation phase,” explains Andrew. “Thankfully, Quill’s intuitive, easily navigable and straightforward to use. Quill’s training support is second to none too. This combination of sleek implementation, sophisticated software and extensive backup has made the transition process smooth.”

The Solution:

With Quill successfully in situ, Andrew embarked upon a training programme including ‘super user sessions’ to empower Roger James Clements’ employees to manage their own new staff inductions as well as teach existing personnel on lesser-used features.

“Quill’s hosting additional super user courses for designated team members who will fulfil these internal training duties going forward,” adds Andrew. “This activity includes setting up a series of document templates to simplify and standardise the work we do at various matter stages. Once done, our entire workforce will be taught how to use them. It’s one element of our long-term plan to go paperless. Coupled with DocsHub, Quill’s document management software, we’ve already begun our paperless journey.

“As practice manager, the tools in Quill which I use the most are reports. There’s an entire range of pre-configured reports – such as profit and loss, fee earner analysis and matter detail reports – which give me total oversight of the company. Quill helps me do my job to the best of my ability. Preparing for monthly directors’ meetings, for example, has never been easier. A few clicks here and there, and I’m done.”

The Future:

Anticipating a lengthy future as a Quill software client, Roger James Clements continues its digital working and streamlining campaign apace.

“Our ultimate game plan is to become fully digital and operate as smart as we can,” concludes Andrew. “As time progresses, we’ll become more proficient on the Quill system, assisted by super users and increased adoption of DocsHub, and improvements will come when we can annualise business intelligence data by comparing current year to last year figures. As we’re still relatively new Quill users, this data is being built up over time.

“For now, we’re overjoyed with the transfer across to Quill, not only for the benefits we’re realising by using the software, but also due to feeling better supported by a team of people who are prompt, responsive and helpful.”

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