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Starting a law firm: Lessons to survive your first year


Delivered by entrepreneurs from a range of legal backgrounds, this webinar provides invaluable hands-on tips and advice on starting a legal practice from scratch, from those who have gone on to ‘do it alone’ and launch their law firm start-up successfully.

Featuring: solicitor / sole practitioner Amy Roberts from Trafalgar Fiduciary, Founding Director Eve Lake from Eve Lake Conveyancing and Managing Director Rachael Gent from Gent Law, who shared practical advice to follow and pitfalls to avoid in the early stages of an entrepreneur’s journey.

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Guide to managed transcription: how Quill Type works

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Are you looking to improve your law firm’s efficiency? Could outsourcing could be a smart option? Watch our webinar to find out how to run your law firm efficiently, profitably and securely with our Quill Type smartphone dictation app and typing bureau. Listen to our guest speakers sharing their own experiences of reducing admin overheads by up to 40% using typing and transcription support, along with offering valuable top tips for making outsourced typing services work for your law firm.

Topics covered:

  • General industry trends towards outsourcing including transcription, cashiering, IT and post room facilities
  • Emergence of centralised secretarial teams and the impact on law firm efficiency
  • How to analyse if your current support / admin staff are deployed in the ‘right role’ at the ‘right cost’​
  • How outsourcing can supplement the positive elements of your existing support structures
  • Cultural impact of outsourcing transcription and document production, and how the pandemic has changed perceptions
  • Best practices around document production to expedite turnaround times – in as little as one hour
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Paperless post: innovations in the mailroom

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Many companies are turning to digital outsourced services and finding great value in replacing their traditional mailroom with a digital post room. Learn how you can move beyond just sorting, scanning, printing and posting to a more sophisticated and secure system using the latest document scanning, document capture and postal payment technology with Quill Post.

Topics covered:

  • The benefits of moving your traditional mailroom into a digital solution
  • How a digital mailroom sends and receives post, plus where cost savings can be realised
  • Best practices with mailrooms and document management
  • How to hit the ground running as fast as possible and overcome unexpected business interruptions
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Start your journey with online payments

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Did you know? 55% of law firms don’t have enough cash to cover one month’s operating expenses. The average invoice payment time across UK law firms is 60 days. And 52% of clients pay invoices outside of office hours when a digital payment option is provided. If you are a law firm struggling to get clients to pay their bills on time, an online payment portal is one smart solution. It offers consumers a secure, convenient and easy way to make payments, in turn, allowing legal practices to get paid faster.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the new online bill payment tool within Quill powered by Legl
  • Best practices for invoices and account requests
  • Improving the client experience through digital payments
  • Reducing average payment times from six weeks to just 16 hours
  • Frequently asked questions about the switching to online payments
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What’s changing with legal forms: Divorce & family

[Legal news]

Recent changes have been widely reported in family law legislation, specifically as a result of the ‘no fault’ divorce which is heralded as the biggest change in divorce law in England and Wales for nearly 50 years. What’s been less reported are the enhancements and functionality available in the brand new and amended FormEvo forms developed to support this blame-free system of divorce.

In our Quill Forms webinar, we updated you on what’s available, and easily accessible, to Quill users and how you can take full advantage of these tools. Our agenda covered:

  • Summary of the new and amended forms available
  • Enhancements to the D81 form
  • Enhancements and sharing facilities for the FormE
  • Customised e-signature functionality for family law teams
  • The road map in relation to family and divorce forms
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Ending PDF AP1’s: Everything you need to know

[Legal news]

The Land Registry announced that all AP1 submissions will go fully digital from November 2022, meaning law firms can no longer submit their uploaded PDFs or send forms via post. This news heralds a significant moment in industry history, as it’s the first time the agency has made a digital channel mandatory and means non-compliance can slow down cases significantly. Learn how your firm can use Quill Forms to make electronic AP1s easier with up to 94% pre-population using data entered into your matter, including the auto-attachment of your SDLT5.

Along with AP1s, this session covered:

  • Upcoming changes to legal forms in 2022
  • How to create a seamless process from searches to SDLT or LTTs to eAP1s
  • Improved efficiencies from commercial transactions to Companies House submissions
  • Law Society CQS compliance: understanding reviews and audit trails
  • NEW! How to avoid requisitions with the Land Registry Seller Checker for SDLT submissions
  •  TR1 attestation clauses and witness signing, plus our view on where this is heading
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The ultimate guide to electronic document bundling

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Does your legal practice needs to prepare electronic document bundles? Listen to this webinar to discover how simple it is to create court-compliant bundles with Quill and Bundledocs. The session covered everything from automatic index creation, automatic numbering, late insert documents and how to securely share your ebundle with the courts and third parties.

Learn how to:

  • Create and manage document bundles from within Quill
  • Include automatic pagination to meet court requirements
  • Instantly build in hyperlinking, bookmarking and OCR for complete searchability
  • Use our sophisticated redaction and suite of annotation features
  • Best optimise your documents to minimise mistakes
  • Handle large bundles through collaboration and secure cloud sharing
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Guide to legal cashiering: how outsourcing works

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How do you decide if outsourcing your legal cashiering function is right for you? When a growing law firm requires a pace of back-office support that outstrips the capacity of its current operations, it can be a challenge to continually service clients quickly and efficiently. As law firms grow, many face this situation and consider outsourcing their legal cashiering.

In this webinar, we are joined by Ratio Law‘s Practice Manager Chas Arya where she discussed:

  • How to leverage outsourcing for your law firm and when it makes the most business sense
  • How outsourcing legal cashiering works at Quill
  • The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your legal cashiering
  • Top challenges to outsourcing and six key things to consider
  • How legal cashiering works hand-in-hand with your accountant
  • The outsourcing model that gives you the most value for your money
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The future of the law firm office


Quill’s Managing Director Julian Bryan reflects on what’s happened these past two years through the lens of an SME business owner responsible for the livelihood of 100 employees.

Topics covered:

  • The legal sector’s key trends, peaks and troughs since March 2020 as correctly identified by Quilldex.
  • Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats throughout the coronavirus outbreak and what may be on the horizon.
  • The implication of the ‘mental health pandemic’ on regulatory compliance and other practice areas.
  • How to use the right technology to support your staff
  • How to best attract, retain and motivate your staff
  • The best plan to ensure a smooth transition back to the workplace after Covid
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How to master difficult conversations


In this webinar, we are joined by Team Builders Jo Andrews and Katie Boston from The Training Rock for a training webinar for leaders in law on the best and most human approach to handling tricky conversations. Jo and Katie shared how to see difficult conversations as opportunities to progress, rather than shying away from them or managing them poorly. They share tips to understand what causes conflict in the first place, what your options are and a framework to ensure that your message is heard.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a good understanding of why people respond differently to the same situation and see difficult conversations – whether with a teammate, family member, friend or client – as an opportunity to move forward positively.

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LinkedIn for Law – A step-by-step guide (Part II)


Back by popular demand! This second session covered the best ways to increase post engagement, build up connections and create authentic interactions on LinkedIn. We also provided real-life examples of how LinkedIn can generate new business for lawyers.

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LinkedIn for Law – A step-by-step guide (Part I)


In our webinar series, ‘Quill uncovers’, we share the secrets every smart law firm knows, and how you can be even smarter. We were joined by guest speakers Sahar Farooqi, Barrister & Partner at DAC Beachcroft and Stuart Kaye, Director at Adams Kaye as well as Yvonne Boateng, a LinkedIn consultant and social media expert.

Topics covered:

  • How to use LinkedIn to stand out and attract new clients, employees and followers
  • Helpful tips on how to optimise your profile
  • What type of content is the best to be sharing
  • What types of activities on the platform can generate new business
  • A practical guide  for those in law to better understand how to use LinkedIn and some actionable steps you can take today to bring your profiles to life
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How to start your own law firm (Part II)


With two new law firms launching every working day and the number set to rise in 2021, leading legal practice management software provider Quill hosted a panel to help entrepreneurs establish a successful business. The 15-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Law Firm covers everything that start-ups need to consider to get up and running—from business plans and compliance to banking and insurance to managing cash flow and accounts. It draws on Quill’s 40+ years of experience in the legal sector, as well as expert advice from DG Legal, Sagars Accountants, and Bhayani HR & Employment Law.

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How to start your own law firm (Part I)


It’s more important than ever to be doing the right things so your law firm survives and thrives. Guest speakers included: James Brown, Hall Brown Family Law, Julian Bryan, Quill, David Gilmore, DG Legal and Joel Topham, Sagars Accountants.

If you’re just starting out or thinking about taking the plunge, listen to our webinar for:

  • A step-by-step guide to starting a law firm, focused on managing matters, compliance and finances
  • 10 common mistakes to avoid that put law firms at risk of SRA non-compliance
  • Toolkit you need to succeed as a law firm today – guidance on how much to invest in what, and where and when
  • Powerful lessons learned from entrepreneurs behind successful law firms
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Guide to the essential law firm technology you need

With hundreds of options out there, identifying what technology your law firm actually needs can be difficult. Which begs the question: what tech DO law practices need?

Listen to Andrew Guile (GN Law) and Johdi Hutchins (Galloway Hughes) discuss their experiences with bringing the power of smart technology to their law firms. In this webinar, we discover what tech tools to invest in, why go paperless and how you can make the tools you already have at your disposal work harder. Our guide to the essential smart law firm technology will show you the simple steps you need to take to ensure your law firm is a smart one. Covering everything from hybrid working to using our very own legal software, if you’ve got any questions about the kinds of technologies you need to succeed, you’ll find them here.

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How law firms can go paperless

There’s a reason why practices hesitate to go fully digital – we all understand the need to ditch physical files – but how do you start? What may feel like a herculean task doesn’t have to be with the right tools and strategy in place! In this webinar, we discuss how to go paperless so your practice operates with less stress and waste.

Topics covered:

  • How to get started
  • 10 easy steps to going paperless
  • The best technology and tools available
  • Best practices around labelling, foldering and versioning
  • Document management via Quill’s DocsHub
  • Automating document production with legal forms
  • New tricks and tips to maximise how you can use Quill’s legal software to go paperless
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