Data migration from other Practice Management Software Vendors

Quill has migrated data from over 750 law firms across 40 different software systems in the UK to our cloud-based practice management solution. Isn’t it time to set your practice up for success?

Why replace legacy practice management systems?

Nobody likes change. And when it comes to your practice management software– there’s a lot at stake. Many law firms are discouraged from changing legal software providers because they perceive that it will be too hard, too painful and too expensive. But what about the benefits of growing, evolving and progressing your practice? Another worry is, of course, the “shock-horror” of transferring your old database into the new system!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane… ask yourself: why did you invest in a practice management system in the first place?

You must have had high hopes for it: you thought it would improve productivity, streamline procedures, help you go paperless, keep you compliant and support your revenue goals.

Remember those days? Now, ask yourself – do you still want the same things for your business today? Of course, you do!

So, which do you prefer?

Taking on the challenge of switching to a better practice management solution, or carry on living with the failing “legacy” system?

Whether you are looking to unlock productivity, embrace a paperless approach, support remote working, or scale your business, switching to Quill’s cloud-based legal software is a game-changing business decision that will reap rewards.


Our 9-step data migration process

“The team at Quill that I have engaged with have ensured a largely seamless transition from our old system to their platform. They have been helpful, attentive, knowledgeable and informative and above all have delivered on time. I have actually enjoyed working with them and feel confident about our future using the platform given the success of the on-boarding experience.”

Neil Heavisides, Managing Director & Chartered Legal Executive Longden Walker & Renney Solicitors

Ready to switch to Quill?

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