Outsourced legal typing and transcription service

Looking for support with general typing, transcription and admin tasks? Our outsourced legal typing service is here to help!

Why outsource your legal typing?

It can be difficult to stay on top of all your typing tasks while overseeing the hundreds of other objectives that are critical to your business. But when the documents begin to stack up, so too do the hours, the overheads and the errors.

Our pay-as-you-go, flexible outsourcing model can lead to 40% reduction in administration overheads when compared with in-house costs and gives you more time to do what you do best – servicing clients.

Flexible support

By paying a set fee based on length of dictation, our outsourcing model is a more cost-efficient option.

Faster admin tasks

Our service covers most types of office admin, typing and document production, legal forms and electronic court bundles, and data entry, so your staff gets through the backlog quicker.

“Quill’s documents are flawless. There’s one set fee based on the length of dictation. You only pay for what you use. We have complete control over our finances which flex according to how busy or quiet our workload is. The speed with which typed-up documents are returned is first-class. It’s not unusual to get short documents such as letters within ten minutes. Even complicated items, for example, multi-speaker meeting dictations, if submitted in the evening are ready-and-waiting in fully transcribed form the next morning.”

Claire Horsfield, Affiliate Legal Executive Bridge Employment Law
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Considering hiring a typing company?

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