Legal Aid toolkit

Managing legal aid-funded caseloads and complying with Legal Aid Agency requirements has never been easier – with Quill.

Upload data straight to the Legal Aid Agency

Save time looking up codes, and automatically calculate complicated legal aid fees, thanks to Law Society recommended partner Quill’s maintenance of statutory criminal and civil legal aid rates. We cater for every rate change so you don’t have to. It’s flawless accounting – effortlessly.

Once your legal aid bills have been created, upload final payment files from the Quill application directly to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) online portal. By doing so, fully digitise your financial management processes and achieve your paperless office goals.

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Transformational (and profitable) case management

Progress cases efficiently with functionality empowering you to do more work in less time. From reliable AML checks in minutes to automatically populated documents collated into court packs in a few clicks to task lists keeping tabs on work to-do – just choose Quill.

Set up alerts and credit limit prompts, for example be notified when you’re within 10% of your time records as defined by legal aid thresholds, to keep your finances both on track and above board.

You can also easily monitor your legal aid matters and associated financials by accessing an unlimited range of ready-made and bespoke report types – including legal aid payments, P&L, WIP and KPI reporting.

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Specialist time recording & disbursement logging

Capture every chargeable moment with flexible time recording features including stop-and-start stopwatches and mobile app. Log case-related disbursements and expenses with easy-to-use e-chits in order to recover all monies due.

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Complete legal aid forms library

Our Quill Forms catalogue includes an entire section devoted to criminal and civil legal aid, from the AF1 claim for advocate graduated fees form to the L31 information about your partnership or self-employed work form, and everything in between.

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Cost drafting software – sorted

Employing a cost draftsman for preparation of cost budgets for legal aid matters and submission of bills to the LAA? With Quill, switch from paper to digital – and save time and money. No physical post. No delays. Just streamlined day-to-day procedures.

Automating legal aid

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“Legal aid work constitutes two-thirds of our turnover, and billing this work is extremely time consuming and downright miserable. It’s not unheard of to spend more time billing than what we’re being paid for. Quill, however, automates and makes it profitable.”

Andrew Guile, Partner GN Law

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