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Manage all your cases, contacts, bills, emails, documents and all your daily law firm tasks smarter, from one simple source of truth with our law firm software.

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Scalable and cloud-based law firm software to help you grow

That’s the reason why over 750 smart law firms choose Quill’s legal accounts and practice management software suite.

Spend less time managing and more time earning

There’s a smarter way to manage your law firm. One which ensures more economical and productive use of resources. By taking the headache out of compliance and enabling more flexible remote working, our legal software is designed to do exactly that.

Clients repeatedly tell us that, simply by choosing Quill as their principal business partner, they’re able to become digital by default, compliant to the letter and free to do what they do best – run a successful, profitable law firm.

    Our software solutions

    Legal Accounts Software

    The easy way to take control of your finances and ensure you are fully compliant.

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    Practice Management Software

    The integrated solution for easily managing your practice case load from client inception to matter billing.

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    Document Management Software

    Complete with Office integration, the solution for managing practice documents and correspondence.

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    Case Management Software

    A cloud-based case management solution for organising and simplifying matter management.

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    Legal Accounts Software

    Quill’s legal accounts system is built with your Legal Cashiers’ or Accountants’ needs in mind. It’s everything your COLP and COFA require to efficiently manage your client and office accounts and finances compliantly, ensuring that your risk is minimised.

    We’re trusted by law firms across the UK to meet the most stringent demands of the SRA Accounts Rules, CLC Accounts Code or Scottish Accounts Rules, and adhere to MTD and AML legislation. 

    Recommended for: Back-office employees like Legal Cashiers and Compliance Officers.

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    Legal Practice Management Software

    An integrated legal practice management software system that provides both legal accounts (back office) and case management (front office) is the ideal solution to run your law firm. Cloud-stored and robust, it’s an intuitive solution for becoming more efficient, profitable, competitive and successful. 

    Most law firms choose this option from Quill because it provides an overall practice-wide view, acting as one central hub to complete all tasks and time record along the way. Trust us when we say that it’s the glue that binds your business together.

    Recommended for: Both front- and back-office employees, practice-wide.

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    Legal Document Management Software

    Document management provides a central solution to securely store and access all practice documents and correspondence. Ideal for remote or hybrid working, it allows you to find the documents which matter most, without the headache that comes with the usual paperwork.

    Providing unlimited storage, integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, and a clever time recording system that will greatly speed up your case management processes, document management is a powerful and essential tool for those consistently getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

    Recommended for: Both front- and back-office employees, practice-wide.

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    Legal Case Management Software

    Quill’s front-office module provides all the case management functionality you need to organise case information, simplify matter management, transform efficiency, operate flexibly, comply with legislation and grow your legal practice. 

    This solution is tailored and scalable, offering a cloud-based solution to manage case matters, time record, produce and bundle documents and forms, manage client emails and documents, process legal accounts, monitor work, and do your billing and reporting.

    Recommended for: Front-office employees like Solicitors / Fee Earners / Partners / Administrators.

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    A pricing plan built for you

    Legal Accounts & Practice Management

    For legal cashiers, fee-earners and support staff

    • Get your firm on the right track with legal accounts and matter management solutions to get you up and running quickly.

      • £100/month for the first user
      • £19/month for each additional user
      • Matter management
      • Legal accounts system
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    Case & Document Management

    For fee-earners

    • Support fee earners with time-saving tools like time recording, workflows, document automation and more.

      • Additional £19/month/user
      • Document management
      • Case management
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    Supercharge your law firm

      • Quill Forms
      • Anti-Money Laundering Checks
      • API Integration
      • MoneyChain
    • Bundling

    • Legal Aid

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    Available legal software boosts

    Unlock your practice’s full potential with these additional bolt-ons

    Quill Forms

    Gain access to our comprehensive forms and e-submissions library to auto-populate the most popular legal forms.

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    API Integration

    Integrate with specialist third-party case management systems to save time, prevent duplicates and maintain data integrity.

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    Strengthen your payment chain and get the right money to the right client at the right time.

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    Anti-Money Laundering Checks

    Mitigate risks by using our AML module to perform reliable identity and credit checks.

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    Collate, sort and auto-index documents to produce electronic court bundling in minutes.

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    SMS Messaging

    Send instantly or schedule communications directly and securely to your clients’ mobiles.

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    Legal Aid

    Statutory criminal and civil legal aid rates maintained, helping to make case submissions easy.

    Transform your law firm with Quill

    See Quill’s range of legal software solutions in action by requesting a demo below.

      Work smarter, not harder

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      “When I set up my practice, I’d just come out of a big law firm that had a huge internal IT support department. Obviously, I can’t afford this type of resource-intensive structure on my own, yet I still have similar practice and document management requirements. Quill’s systems give enterprise-level functionality without the cost and trouble of hosting and maintaining it myself. Within just one month of setting up alone, I suffered a fairly major IT failure due to an Office update fault. Thankfully, I was able to recover my lost files which were sitting comfortably in the cloud all along. Quill keeps my documents safe, sound and compliantly stored.”

      Lynne Passmore, Solicitor Lynne Passmore Family Law

      Third party integrators

      Save time, reduce duplication and improve accuracy during the set-up process thanks to seamless integration with a number of third-party software vendors.

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