Outsourced legal cashiering

The best, most flexible and convenient option of managing your legal accounts. Proud to be the first outsourced legal cashiering service provider to be an afilliate partner of the Law Society.

Why outsource your legal cashiering?

Lower your overhead spend while remaining fully compliant with your legal accounts. Quill’s legal cashiering service is a flexible, friendly and scalable solution that saves time and lets you focus on fee-earning activities.

You can rely on our outsourced legal cashiers and a supplier who is a recommended Affiliate Partner of the Law Society to manage all the time-intensive data entry, compliant-centric reconciliation and accounting tasks that keep your business running, giving you vital insights into the health of your law firm.

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Experienced support

Discover the benefits of accurate legal cashiering that is fully SRA and CLC compliant.

Reduce overheads

Save on recruitment, training, salary, IT equipment and office space costs.

Pinpoint end-to-end cashier support

How it works:

Enter daily records of monies into and out of your accounts using our legal accounting software, and we will pick up from there.


Best for:

Law firms seeking a fully integrated solution that’s easy to use, efficient and SRA compliant.

“By collaborating with Quill, I found the ideal solution by simply tailoring outsourced cashiering support to the idiosyncrasies of our particular set up. Our former administration burden has been removed entirely. With Quill, you don’t get a rigid one-size-fits-all service. It can change and flex as your business evolves. There’s no better future-proofing promise than that. To top it all, there’s assured compliance built-in. ”

Jay Bhayani, Managing Director Bhayani Law
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