The Ultimate Guide to Legal Cashiering

Why is legal cashiering important, what impact does it have on risk and compliance, and how can your law firm protect itself from fraud?

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The importance of getting your legal cashiering right

As the Solicitors Regulation Authority  announces a 1000% increase in its fining powers from £2,000 to £25,000, and with several recent cases of solicitors being suspended for accounting failures, it is timely that Quill shares this eBook which walks law firms through exactly how legal cashiering can offer benefits as well as the many ways it can go seriously wrong.

Quill shares its expertise and top tips on ensuring the management of legal cashiering protects from compliancy risks, potential fraud and closures.  The guide includes a contribution from Tim Kidd, Chief Executive at The Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM), covering the importance of having a fully qualified legal cashier, along with easy to follow details of the key SRA rules and the best practices you HAVE to get right.

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From common traps to top tips, this webinar covers all things legal cashiering, highlighting the importance of in getting it right.  Covering ways to avoid fraud and compliance risks, Quill’s Client Services Director Mike Bates, Tim Kidd Chief Executive at The Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM), and Gill Saville Practice Manager at Eccles Heddon LLP come together to share their expertise and practical advice on how to manage legal cashiering from start to finish.


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Ultimate guide to legal cashiering – blog series

Ultimate guide to legal cashiering #1: The basics

We’re kicking off our ‘Ultimate guide to legal cashiering’ blog series, adapted from our new e-book, with a brief introduction to the cashiering process including the key regulations in force, what’s at risk by getting your cashiering wrong and the main responsibilities of your legal cashier.

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“With Quill, you don’t get a rigid one-size-fits-all service. It can change and flex as your business evolves. There’s no better future-proofing promise than that. To top it all, assured compliance is built-in.”

Jay Bhayani, Managing Director & Solicitor Bhayani Law

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