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Use Quill and Legl together and offer clients an easier, more secure way to pay bills – anytime and anywhere. Tailor made for law firms

Accelerate cash flow

Modernise your client experience with the only online payments tool tailor-made for law firms. Average payment times for law firms is about six weeks – but with Legl, this goes down to just 16 hours. By getting paid faster, you’ll reduce lock-up of money from unpaid bills and accelerate inbound funds. Most importantly – no more chasing clients for payment.

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Improve the client experience

Make it even easier for clients to pay same-day with pre-populated payment links for emails and invoices, easily reconciled against the matter reference. Plus, switch from paper to digital payments to run your business more effectively and modernise billing processes. Paying invoices becomes so quick and simple, your clients will thank you for it.

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Tough on security

With financial fraud at an all-time high, reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering whilst improving data security with Legl’s encrypted, SCA-enabled and PCI-compliant checkout. You’ll gather valuable insights into your client base with instant audit trails, eliminate payment errors and gain better visibility over outstanding payments.

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Legl pricing

Integrated with Quill

An all-in-one platform for legal payment workflows

Start improving your cash flow with online payments today!


per month

1.85% + £0.20 UK & European cards

3.45% + £0.20 American Express + International

What’s included?
  • Unlimited users across the firm
  • Firm-branded payment portal
  • Phone payments module
  • Pre-populated payment request links
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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum technology requirement for having the payment functionality on my firm’s website?

As long as you can edit the CSS of your website and add custom code you will be able to embed or link out to your Legl checkout. Note that this does not apply to websites that are built from standard templates (e.g. Wix).

How long does it take for payments to arrive at the bank?

The money is received into your bank account in three calendar days. All card types (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX) pay out on the same payout schedule. You’ll be able to see all the payments in real-time from your dashboard. And we send the transfer summary when the funds are received into your nominated accounts.

Can we take payments from clients overseas? 

You have the option to enable or disable American Express payments and international card payments. These transactions have a higher processing fee of 3.45%.

If there is a three-day delay in receiving payment, isn’t the client better off sending funds directly to us via BACS transfer?

For more urgent cases, yes, we do recommend that the client does a same day or next day transfer of funds directly into the firm’s account. However, for invoice payments and requesting money on account we find clients tend to pay much quicker if you give them an instant and convenient payment method. Our payment requests have an average time to pay of just eight hours!

Does Quill or Legl hold the money at any stage, or is it transferred directly from the client to our account?

Neither Quill or Legl hold the money at any stage. All funds are transferred directly from the client into your account.

When receiving multiple payments in a single day, does our firm receive individual credits or a single total daily credit and breakdown statement?

Your firm will receive a bulk payment each morning in your connected bank account along with an email at 9am every morning to direct you to the transfers tab so you can see the clients funds that make up the lump sum.

Unlike standard BACs postings, which often require an employee to manually chase and reconcile payments with specific accounts, through Legl you can clearly see who has sent money and for which matter.

How is the payments data made available to us?

You will have real-time payment data available in your Quill dashboard and this is available to export to Excel or CSV. 

Can we process refunds using the integration?

To refund a payment you just need to contact Legl and send the clients funds back, Legl will  then refund the clients card directly. 

Can we make payments to beneficiaries using Legl?

Currently the payment tools are for taking payments only, but we will make sure to keep you updated with all further product developments. 

How does this integration play into anti-money laundering requirements?

The integration will allow you to connect both your client and office accounts so funds are always being directed to the correct account. When money is requested via Legl, the client can only pay the amount you’ve submitted, which minimises the risk of accidental digits being added to the payment amount, which causes undue stress from an MLRO standpoint.

How are payments from third parties dealt with?

You will see the full card holder’s name to identify if the person who paid was someone other than your client. You can then follow your firm’s AML policy to complete KYC checks on that individual. 

Is there an additional fee from Legl on top of existing Quill fees?

There is a Legl platform fee of £20 per month, plus any transaction fees.

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