API third-party integrations

Quill integrates with specialist third-party case management systems.

Working better together

The close API of our software and a number of third-party software vendors facilitates the automated transfer of data – be it client and case details or time recording information – between the two systems. Whatever’s entered into the third-party system is auto-populated to ours. Although there are two systems in use, they operate as one. We currently have integrations in place with various suppliers of case management, legal forms, document bundling, compliance management and workflow automation software. Plus, Quill is a proud affiliate partner of the Law Society who’s committed to ongoing development of API links.

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“The first stage [of migration] was installing Redbrick to manage our matters and documents with workflow assistance. The second stage was legal accounts software [from Quill]. Overall, it’s a superior combined package.”

Jack Fairweather, Director Fairweather Law
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