Electronic legal forms software

Quill’s forms suite is a comprehensive catalogue of 2,000+ electronic legal forms and e-submissions available within our practice management software.

Manage forms with ease

Quill’s forms will auto-populate information to save you time and reduce the risk of human error.

Comprehensive catalogue

More than 2,000+ electronic legal forms and e-submissions available within Quill.

“FormEvo has developed an enormously innovative built-for-the-cloud product that enables our teams to work as normal, wherever they are. It integrates perfectly with our other main legal software provider, Quill, making life easier and quicker for our users. Not only is using the combined product a delight compared to our previous on-server product, it has cemented its place on our list of essential tools as the Quill team continues to make regular refinements and iterative improvements to the core forms product – both in response to changes in the legal landscape and also following input from our users – as well as bringing other complementary services to the product range.”

Daryl Griffiths, Chief Executive Director Burnett Barker Solicitors
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